Monday, December 9, 2013

Week Eleven: Elder Grow

Hey everyone,
So on Wednesday, a member of the first quorum of the Seventy came. (Sorry non-members, you've got some googling to do.) His name is Elder C. Scott Grow. All of the missionaries in Trujillo and north got to go. I am as north as it gets so my whole zone got to spend the night in Trujillo so that we didn't have to wake up at 4am to get going.

In Trujillo, they have running water, paved roads, and stores that sell things. I want to go to there.

Me with a random street donkey. This picture goes out to my brother CJ whose birthday is this week.

E Grow gave a phenomenal talk. He talked to the missionaries from 9am to 4pm. Then all of the leadership from all of our wards came and we all got to listen from 7 to 9. It was a long day but incredibly great. One of my favorite things that he said was: If we focus on re-activating the less active members on our missions, the Lord will remember the people who we convert and help to keep them active.

Me at a huaca.  That means a giant pile of dirt with cultural significance. It was way cool and we had a sweet view of Cartavio.
Something else that is awesome is that we are teaching a family! Their last name(s) is/are Portales-Atoche. We have been teaching the mom (Carmen), the son (Cristian), and the daughter (Ciobeli).  Yesterday at church, they all showed up. Even the dad who we havent even taught yet. It was so cool to see their whole family there. They are really our focus right now.

We have so many people that are so close to baptism. Get ready to hear about success.

Love you all,

Elder Gonzalez

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week Ten: Making a Branch a Ward

Howdy people,

This was a great week! We taught a ton of lessons and met a ton of new investigators.  E Leavitt has been here since May and he said that we've never had so much success or had so many great investigators so close to baptism.   His last two companions went home right after their time in Cartavio so E Leavitt is just glad to have someone who isn't "trunky" (Ready to pack their trunk and go home).
Me playing basketball with some investigators last Pday

A crazy lady this week told us about a red demon that offered her meat and then summoned a small horse from her mouth.  That inspired E Leavitt and I to start a quote wall; so that is keeping us entertained.
A scorpion that a kid had in a bottle

Our branch is really cool.  They aren't quite a ward because they need more priesthood holders but we have around 100 people in attendance every week.  Right now, they really just don't know how to help us.  I guess that they just never have. But E Leavitt and I are turning them around. We made a ward mission plan, gave talks on missionary work, we are working with the leaders in Ward Council, and we're really just slapping them into shape.
An example of how much sugar cane is in Cartavio 

Today I went to Trujillo for pday.........civilization.  We went to a mall. A mall. They were playing xmas music, I ate Pizza Hut, it was almost America.
Eating Pizza Hut
Spanish update: I understand anyone who is not crazy or a mumbler in about 85% of what they say and I can say whatever I want but maybe not in the best format but its improving quick.

Random thought of a google-less missionary: Why are copy machines so big if my printer can do copies among many other tasks?

Caio for now,

Elder Gonzalez
In front of a Christmas tree