Monday, August 25, 2014

Week Forty-Eight: Komo 4 Problem Solvers

So I'm writing this email first because I have a lot of news. This might impede my time to respond to each of you so if I don't get to, I will next week.

First things first: One more HUGE thank you for the photo album. It is absolutely incredible and makes me remember how dope y'all are.

Also, just wanted to give a little review of the week. Baptismal dates were set. Baptisimal dates fell. Baptismal dates were reestablished. Baptismal dates were put off for later. Baptismal dates were reaccepted. Baptismal dates were hesitantly accepted with faith. Basically, it was just an extremely draining week spiritually that required a lot of faith and problem solving. I think that I'm fit to be one of the Komo 4 Problem Solvers when I get home.

This week, we got to have a devotional with Elder Andersen (one of the Twelve modern Apostles). We got to shake his hand and then he talked to us for a while. Elder Soares and Elder Wadell from the 1st Quorom of the Seventy were also there. That was a pretty remarkable experience.

Also, its been another six weeks and it's changes time. These ones got loco. So, E Walker is leaving to Trujillo. I am going to train a brand new missionary. I don't know who he is or where he's from yet (I find out tomorrow) but I'm excited.

Other news, we split our area in half. Two missionaries are going to come and take over half. That'll help us focus twice as hard on half of the space. Opening that area started a new district (group of 6 missionaries) and they called me as the district leader. My district are the 4 that live in our room and the 2 new ones that are coming.

My responsibilities as district leader include: taking numbers, doing interchanges, and doing baptismal interviews.

That's all of my news for this week. Love you all and hope to be able to respond to you all. We'll see.

Elder Gonzalez

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week Forty-Seven: Pictures and Sappy Letters

Dear beloved humans,

I got that photo book that you all participated in. It came kind of early but I was not about to wait.  You are all literally the best. By far the best birthday present ever. How'd y'all know that I love pictures and sappy letters. You all know me so well.

It means the world to me that you all read these every week. I feel like they are all short and boring and dumb (speaking of which I have 2 mins left) but I love you all.

LOVE YOU SEATTLE (and those who aren't in Seattle)

Elder Gonzalez

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week Forty-Six: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Well I actually just forgot to write a weekly email and now I only have 2 minutes left.

It's not that time ran's just that I forgot.

Well the week was pretty normal. We taught a ton of news (9). They are all really cool and now our schedule is really full trying to teach them all.

Today is going to be a really boring p-day. A carpenter is coming to make our bathroom door swing out instead of in because it has been smacking against the toilet and causing plumbing problems so we have to sit in the room all day while he works.

Anyway, mostly just wanted to wish my mom a super happy birthday this Saturday. Love you, MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Gonzalez

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week Forty-Five: Devil-George

Line of the week goes out to Brendan Smith: " Hello, hello. I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello. Sometimes I feel like that when I contact people on the street. But whatever:)" 

Also, fun fact: This keyboard has no punctuation but since I could never right a colon-less email, I am copying a pasting in all of the punctuation from past emails.

This week was amazing. I taught more lessons, met more new people, brought more people to church, etc than I have in the last 10 months. It just got me so pumped. I know that if I start really strong here like I did in Cartavio, Ill be able to see some of the results before I leave like I did in Cartavio.

Other missionaries here in the zone are awesome and hilarious. We play soccer as a zone every Monday and Friday at 5:30 am. That means that I have to wake up at 5 twice a week. I dont know how many of you have met devil-George but we can just say that Im not a morning person. But its actually worth it and a ton of fun.

I miss Seattle and I miss you all,
Elder Gonzalez