Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week Fifty-Seven: When I Had Scurvy

So not a ton happened this week.

Elder Craft's training is winding to a close. I've been training him for 9 weeks now and he only has three more. There is a chance that either one of us could leave right after. But if we stay, we stay until Christmas. This month has been kind of hard for the work because there have been a lot of meetings and other things that have interfered with just being out in the street preaching all day. With elections, general conference, and the stake conference that we just had, church has been different every week and things have felt a little inconsistent. If I stay with E Craft until Christmas, we are going to go hard and I think that we could get at least a couple of full family baptisms.

E McClellan and I mixing paint for a service. It stained my hands green and it looked like I had scurvy.

Not much more to tell. The mail strike is over though so letters are welcome!!!!

Love you all,
Elder Gonzalez

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week Fifty-Six: Elder Raft

So this week was pretty normal...except for Saturday. On Saturday the 18th of October 2014, Elder Craft became Elder Raft.

It all started when he felt the Spirit and decided to knock on a random door. As we are knocking, a little Peruvian child who is covered in dirt comes up, rings the doorbell, and out of nowhere...LICKS Elder Craft's hand. Elder Craft was so disgusted that he yelled at the kid in English and told him NEVER to lick his or anyone else's hand again.

Then, I felt the Spirit and decided to knock on a door. A 20 year old girl opens the door, gets a really surprised look on her face and starts flirting so hard that we had to just walk away. I have never seen a human person flirt so hard.

Then we saw a less active member of the ward. He turned and looked at us and we saw him with a beer in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth. Then he gave us the cold shoulder instead of even waving and turned around.

Later that day, we went to talk to a lady that lives on the calle Huascar. We hate going to the calle Huascar because this other little kid lives on it who thinks that it is funny to walk up and slap Elder Craft. As we are talking to this woman named Cecilia, the kid walks up next to us. We can't do anything because we are currently talking to this woman so we leave him there. Then it happened. I shook Cecilias hand and got out alive. Elder Craft goes to shake her hand and as he is shaking it, WHAP. The kid jumps and come down on E Crafts forearm with a burning hand of glory.

After this day, Elder Craft decided that he cannot continue living as Elder Craft and will need to change himself in order to function. That is how Elder Raft was born.

Also, while I was in Trujillo for Pday, I found a box of Corn Flakes that had a smaller box of Corn Flakes as a prize. They aren't creative enough to make toys here, haha.

Love you all,
Elder Gonzalez

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week Fifty-Five: General Conference!

So conference was pretty stellar. Sorry that I'm kind of late to the game on that one but like I explained last week, the elections kind of ruined that for everyone here. I'm running out of time so I'll just say that I learned a ton, ate a lot of snacks, and partied in the little English-speaking barricade that we made upstairs.

If anyone wants to hear my favorite talk from the conference, they can listen to my main man Jorgen VonStrangle: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/approaching-the-throne-of-god-with-confidence?lang=eng 

Hope that you all have a great week!!!
Elder Gonzalez

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Fifty-Four: Elections and Pranks!

So this week was elections week. In case you were wondering: no, they are not anything like elections in the United States. First of all, there are more than two parties, there are about 4 or 5 main ones but even a little guy can get pull based on three things: 1. The amount of free stuff (beer openers, t-shirts, and matchboxes), 2. The number and swag level of their crazy rallies that include a salsa band, and 3. The number of people in giant Ben 10 and Angry Birds costumes that you have in your parades. Also, FYI, you should probably start going hard around February if you want any chance of winning.

On actual voting day, it is mandatory to vote. Like they don't care if you are an informed voter or not but you have to vote or there is a fine. And you have to vote where you drivers license says that you live. And they stopped accepting changes in address about 3 months ago. So if you aren't living where the government thinks that you are, you have to get home. Also, the government randomly selects random table presidents to be in charge of voting which cannot be turned down. Our branch president got picked.

It was a rough week because a lot of the people that we teach traveled home to vote and all of the news that we found were just here to vote.

The best thing that happened this week though was a sweet prank that we pulled. The day before voting, you HAVE to take down all voting propaganda or there is a big fine. We got our hands on a GIANT sign, cut out the dude in it and taped it above E Muguerzas bed while he was sleeping. Around 3 am, the tape gave out and he woke up with a giant man on him. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Other news: I was looking at my family history and I found a line that goes all the way back to Adam. Yeah, that Adam. Not Levine. The father of all living. So that's cool.

Love you all!!!!1
Elder Gonzalez

Week Fifty-Three: The Burning of the Suit Coat

So this week was pretty normal. Well not really but nothing surprises me anymore.

The highlights were: 
Burning a suit coat with E McClellan for our one year mark
Last Monday after internet, we went for a sweet hike here in Chao
While the women were in the women's session of General Conference, all of the Priesthood went out to a really good chicken restaurant.
We moved adobe bricks into an adobe house
We went to a meeting for all of the new missionaries that was really fun.

Deforestation is real and we have to do something. #AssembleWashingtonianBrethren  

Super misjudged my time this week. Sorry y'all.

FYI: This Sunday are the elections in Peru so we will be watching General Conference next week. Send me your favorite talk so I can pay more attention, haha.

Peace out,
Elder Gonzalez

Right before it started smoking a horrible black smoke and we had to put it out and evacuate