Monday, June 2, 2014

Week Thirty-Six: Transfers...?

Well, I packed up my bags and I am leaving today.

Last night were the changes. I had already written goodbye letters and printed out pictures for the members when the call came and they told me that I am staying... I am staying! Staying! That means that I'll likely leave in July after being in Cartavio for 8 and a half months. That's crazy talk.

Then, this morning, we count out the money and walk out of the room to pay the landlady and two random people that I've never seen before start yelling at me. It turns out that they are family of the landlady. They told us that we need to pay more or leave. We pay 200 soles for a room just like everyone else in the mission but we don't even have water all of the time. They started yelling and after a really REALLY heated conversation that got kind of Mexican soap opera-y, they told us that we need to leave today. If you would have told me a year ago that one day I would get into a yelling match with a Peruvian couple in Spanish, I would have called you silly.
My face when they told me that I had to leave

So instead of changing from Cartavio to another area like I thought, I am going from 28 de Julio to the calle Ramos, haha. Did not see that one coming. The lady who feeds us, Ligia, is the closest thing to a saint that I have ever met and I think that she is going to move into her office and give us her house for a month and in July, well move into a room that is in construction right now.

So today's going to be pretty nuts and I'm going to spend the whole Pday moving but I'm excited to get to keep working in Cartavio and keep making new Cartavio friends.

Love you all,
Elder Gonzalez

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