Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week Fifty-Nine: Random Waterfall

We had a phenomenal week here in Chao.

Last Monday, after I wrote y'all, we got in an old van and drove an hour and a half up a mountain. We then found a random girl up there and payed her to take our whole zone to a waterfall that she knew about. The hike was about an hour and a half as well and my legs got rallied with bug bites but it was really pretty and really fun to hike again. But I still miss the Pacific Northwest.

We taught the Word of Wisdom to Aurelia and it turns out that she had heard a rumor about it so she just started living it because she decided that it must be true. She also instituted family prayer without any prompting from us or anyone else.

A woman who has attended church for 4 years but whose husband has refused to marry her finally got her husband to agree to marry her as soon as someone sends him his birth certificate from the mountains.

Our angelic pensionista Flor gave us 9 referrals to visit.

We had an attendance of 87 people in church (it was 51 when I first got to Chao)

We have been going around teaching the converts of the last year and seeing if the Lord has prepared any of their family members and we found a really cool older sister of a convert. The convert'
s name is Antonella and her 24 year old sister is Marilu. She is keeping her commitments and accepted a baptism date so well see what happens with her.

Elder Craft and I are working hard, excited for Christmas, and pumped to be here.

Love you all,
Elder Gonzalez

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