Monday, December 8, 2014

Week Sixty-Three: Dirty, Ugly, Piece of Trash, Farmer

Hey everyone!

This was another great week down here in sunny, baking, humid Chimbote. (Its been getting hotter). On Wednesday, we had a mission leadership council. That is a monthly meeting in Trujillo that all of the zone leaders go to. President and Sister Marler and the assistants teach us about the vision of the mission and then we transmit that to our own zone. To get to Trujillo in time we had to wake up at 4 in the morning. Did you guys know that there is no water in Chimbote at 4 in the morning? However, it was well worth it.  We learned a lot about the importance of unity and how to stay excited about the work. That'll be great for this zone to hear.

Afterwards, we went and did a service project in a part of Trujillo called Esperanza. We went to an underprivileged school and helped the kids clean the grounds of the school and plant trees. President Marler planted a tree at the front and said that when it is bigger, we will come back and transplant it to the temple grounds in Trujillo. It was way fun to get to play with kids. Kids are always cute, funny, and filter-less. (One of them called E Boekweg a dirty, ugly, piece of trash, farmer.)

I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas season and I hope to continue receiving all of your family Christmas tree pictures.

Love you all!!!

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