Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week Eighty-Five: Moche and Pics of My Pad

So I know that you have all been feeling bad for me for the last like 20 months because I have been living in really small little towns far away from Trujillo with a ton of dirt and like no water but the good news is that that is all over now, haha.

I'm in Trujillo now. Not like the center but a little suburb called Moche. Moche is way cool. It is VERY Catholic which is cool because Catholic people are a lot nicer that some of the people from the other little teeny churches that are told not to listen to us and that we are evil.

When I got to Moche, Elder Meaker looked at me and the first thing that he said was, "I've got bad news. Our room is huge and we have a mini fridge." The room is huge and on the fourth story of a building. Finally, I have a place where my bedroom, study room, and bathroom aren't all just the same room. Our pension is a restaurant that is not owned by members. The restaurant doesn't serve breakfast and doesn't open on Sundays so we have to cook for ourselves which is awesome because Elder Meaker is a chef and it gives us an excuse to eat American food (Yesterday, we ate Top Ramen for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and taco salad for dinner).

We had the opportunity to go through the temple open house this week and it is beautiful. Like ridiculously beautiful. The detail is breathtaking. The coolest thing in the world happened to me as well. Elder Meaker and I took a man named Moisès and his family through the temple and as I stepped out, I saw Ligia (my pensionista from Cartavio), and Lucia, Cristhian, and Cesi (three of my converts from Cartavio). Cesi was there with her husband who recently got baptized. It was so neat to see them and to hear that they are active and doing well.

They told me that they sometimes read this blog which was something that I hadn't really thought about before. Here's a little shout out to them: 

A todas las personas que leen mi blog desde Perú: Gracias por tomar el tiempo de leer lo que escribo. Las personas que he podido conocer y enseñar aquí en mi misión son muy especiales para mi y quiero mantenerme en contacto con ellos por toda la vida. Lo siento si el Google no siempre traduce las cosas a la mejor manera pero, en verdad, el esfuerzo que hacen para poder leer esto significa mucho para mi. Les amo y les escribiré cuando llegue a casa.

Hope that you all had a great Mothers Day. I sure did talking to my family. I love you all a ton and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Gonzalez 

Also, when Jose found out that I was leaving, he asked me for my ship in a bottle so that he could finish it. So he finished it over night and gave it to me. What a great souvenir!

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