Friday, March 14, 2014

Week Twenty-Four: Elder Flores

So E Rojas time in the Great Wild North has come to a close. We thank him for his service and wish him the best in all of his future pursuits.

Last night was changes. Like I explained in the past, you usually end up waiting for the call for about 5ish hours.  I was pretty nervous so I cleaned the entire house and bathroom to think of something else.  E Rojas helped even though he is leaving tomorrow (what a Good Guy Greg). 

The call finally came. I was super nervous and asked who my companion was. My district leader said, "Elder Flowers." I was confused for a second and then asked "You mean E Flores?" and he said "Bingo." Then I asked "What do you know about E Flores?" and he said "Nothing." You end up waiting for  5 hours just to find out a name that doesnt mean anything. So I get to be nervous until I go to pick him up tomorrow.

This last two weeks has just been really weird between companions. E Rojas is awesome but we always knew that it was a temporary thing. It was like a weird two week purgatory where I had a companion but I was practically by myself.

Companions are weird. They are kind of like assigned best friends. Ive been lucky so far but there is a lot on the line if they suck.  But one way or another, I know that E Flores and I will get along and figure out a way to change Cartavio.

Until then,
Elder Gonzalez

Well, CJ  got a donkey shout out on his birthday so I went on an elephant safari to get a pic for Lillians birthday this Wednesday. Happy birthday Lillian, love you a ton.

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