Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Twenty-Three: Elder Seuss

First of all, I would like to give a birthday shout-out to Dr. Seuss yesterday. At Sunnydale, in 2nd grade we had a HUGE Dr. Seuss party and since then, I have never been able to forget his birthday.

OK, so heres the situation. On Monday in the night, they sent me a member of the church in Trujillo to be my companion for two weeks. E Leavitt left for the office Tuesday afternoon.

My temporary companion is E Rojas. He is quite a story so here we go: He was baptized seven months ago by an Elder that is still in the mission. He let the missionaries in and his heart grew three sizes that day. He was baptized two weeks later and since then, he has not missed a Sunday or activity or any opporitunity to serve in the church. He sent in his papers to go on a mission last Sunday, and Monday morning, he recieved a call asking him if he would be willing to be a missionary for to weeks in the lovely city of Cartavio. He threw three shirts and some ties in a bag, hopped on a bus and showed up just a few hours later.

Leading the area is SO much responsibility. Dont get me wrong, I meant what I said and I said what I meant; I was working before, but now I am WORKING. Oh the places youll go when youre on a mission. E Rojas is awesome and when Im teaching, he helps a lot but I have to plan for who we are going to visit, I talk to people in the street, I take out appointments, handle the money, have the cell phone, update our records, keep track of our numbers, make sure that we are obeying all of the rules, and keep track of the time. The good news: Im alive. We havent lost any investigators. We taught a ton of lessons this week. This opporitunity really boosted my confidence.

Next week, I should be able to tell you the name of my next companion and the week after that, Ill send you a picture and tell you about him.

I love you all a ton.
Elder Gonzalez

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