Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Twenty-Eight: Safety and Anecdotes

Hey errybody,

You can all get up off of your knees and unpack the canned food and flashlights that you were going to send me; everything is fine. The earthquake mostly hit Chile and the tsunami hit Lima. I didnt feel a thing up here in the Great Wild North and didnt even know what happened for a couple of days. Thanks a ton for all of the thoughts and prayers. You are all the best.

Heroes in a half-shell: scripture power! (Raise your Book of Mormon in the air)

This week went by super quickly and not a lot of interesting stuff happened so Ill just share a couple of funny anecdotes:

1. We started talking to this man and he told us that he was a member of our church. We asked him if other people in his family are members and he said that everyone in his family were members. After walking with him for five minutes to where he said that his house was, we just found a long dirt road. We asked him where he lived and he told us about 20 minutes down the road. Then he says, "Hey, what church are you guys from?"

2. An investigator the other day literally looked me in my eyeballs and told me, "Your little lessons dont interest me. What does interest me is the Old Testament. I bought a new Bible and I want you to come over everynight and we can read it together from cover to cover and you can prove to me that it is bad to cheat on your wife." Sir, I dont need a Bible to explain that its bad to cheat on your wife.

Stgo. de Cao: Lazy fisherman town or post-apocalyptic war zone? 

Love you all and wish you a great week,
Elder Gonzalez

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