Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week Twenty-Seven:Santiago de Cao

Hidey hoe Ranger Joe,

This week, I thought that I would tell you about Santiago de Cao. Stgo de Cao is an annex of Cartavio that we are technically in charge of.  It is a little fisherman town off of the beach. Everyone is either a fisherman or works in the nearby paper factory. There is this weird radio tower in the middle of the city that plays weird 50s music out loud and since all of the men are working, the women are cooking, and there is aboslutely nothing fun for the niños, the streets are empty. Its kind of like the way the world is in zombie video games.

Around ten years ago, there were two missionaries there. They had no success for four months and then they finally baptized a woman who named Francesca "Panchita" Charcape. Panchita is, by far, the most popular person in Stgo de Cao. A little later, her whole family got baptized, and then some friends, and pretty soon there was a little group of 20 members meeting in Panchitas house every Sunday. Eventually, the church told them that they need to attend in Cartavio until they get a few more members so that we can build a church in Stgo de Cao.

That day, everyone went inactive except Panchita and her family. Long story short: There is no reason why they cant attend in Cartavio. It is a ten minute ride and it costs 1 sol (around 30 cents). Everyone just whines and makes up excuses.  Weve been trying to help by holding activites there every Tuesday for 3 weeks but so far, no one has come except for Panchita. For those of you who know me pretty well, you know how much I like it when people dont show up to things that they said that they would show up to.

So thats a struggle. On the other hand, we had a TON of success on the mainland this week (Cartavio). We taught 13 new people and the members of the ward introduced us to 11 people to visit.

I took a pic of me in Stgo de Cao to attach but left my camera in Cartavio. Dope de doh. Ill attach it next week.

Catch you on the flippity flop,
Elder Gonzalez

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