Friday, May 1, 2015

Week Eighty-Three: Baptisms, Weddings, and Swine

Well, this week is going to have a lot of pictures.

I could not even begin to describe how stressful, hectic, fun, and spiritual this week has been. There are more stories from this week than what a few minutes of email time allows me to send. So if you ever want to hear some crazy stuff, just ask me: "Hey, what happened the third week of April 2015?"

For starters, last Monday, we went with a family that we are teaching (Yesenia and Hilder) to his field in a town called Cachipampa which is like an hour and a half from Chimbote. It was super fun because we went with the Bishop, his counselors, the elders quorum president and all of their wives. It was beautiful and a ton of fun.

Then, on Thursday, was Yesenia and Hilders wedding. She was inactive but now she's back and he got baptized that same afternoon which was way neat.

Saturday, was another wedding. José Chozo married his wife, Elva Gutierrez. She was baptized on Sunday and he will be ready for baptism here soon. (She just didn't want to wait).

We spent the whole week filling out wedding papers, teaching lessons, giving interviews, setting up interviews, there were work visits, a missionary's mom came to visit, and a bunch of other crazy things. I wish that I could say that this week will be more calm...but I doubt it.

If you all could pray for: José Chozo and Jenifer Cornejo. They are two of our investigators that are ready for baptism any day but just need a little help from the Lord.

Love you all so much!
Elder González

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