Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week Eighty-Two: Miracles

This week we had interviews with President Marler. He talked about miracles and I was able to just have a little discussion with him about miracles; what they are and why they happen. Then in the next couple days, we saw some HUGE miracles. Weird right?

Miracle 1: We rescued a father and baptized his wife and son about two months ago but the 15 year old daughter didn't want to be baptized.  Our bishop felt that we should go with a member of the ward and with the sister missionaries in the ward. It was a super spiritual lesson. After the sisters invited her to baptism, she said that she felt like bad thoughts and voices kept telling her that she shouldn't be baptized. My companion and I gave her a comfort blessing and then she said that she felt like there were angels there and accepted to be baptized the 30th. Yesterday in church she was telling everyone. Her family is so happy for her.

Miracle 2: We commited a super awesome family to marriage and baptism for this week. It was looking like he was going to have to move to Chile which would have been super lame because they just had a baby about a week ago but we fasted for him and now he has a couple of job offers here. If everyone could pray that he (José Chozo) finds a way to stay here in Chimbote, that would be super appreciated.

Miracle 3: We are working with another wedding for this week as well, and even though we were planning on baptizing the father here in a month or so, he asked us to get baptized sooner. His name is Hilder and he is super cool. He called us the other day and asked us to bring him a CD of the hymns because his friends at work listen to music that he doesn't think is very uplifting. What an example.

I love it here in Chimbote. Here, families can progress together and everyone is happier that way.

Love all you people out there all over the world. Have a great week.

Elder González

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