Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week Three: The District

We got new computers! They are like by far the nicest machines that I have ever used.  I feel like I'm in the future. But the keyboards are the same so I guess I'll use apostrophes again in two years.

Our new roommates are cool. Elders Dart and Larson are from Utah.  They are both wrestlers and a scary amount of buff so that's cool.  The two Latinos are Elder Arias from Argentina and Elder Quispes from Bolivia.  They are extremely nice and a lot calmer than the last ones were, haha.  I really like playing futbol with Elder Quispes.

There is a lot of cool stuff to buy in the stores by the temple.  I bought a couple of llama ties, a Peru jersey, a Libro de Mormon case, and some off brand TOMS.  I also got Spanish scriptures and a Spanish hymnal at the temple store.
This is some of the stuff that I have bought in Lima. A scripture case, some Alpaca ties, a coin purse, and a jersey. 

Our district is so much fun.  A district is a group of missionaries that pretty much do everything together in the MTC.  There are 141 missionaries in the Peru MTC but my classes are just the same 13 all day.  Which is fine by me because they are probably my favorite 13 people here.

Elder Couch is our district leader.  He's from California.  He is hilarious, makes extremely great faces, and handles leadership really well.  He has two companions because there are an odd number of people.  Elder Randolph is from Utah and gets along with Elder Grover and I really well.  And Elder Pincock is from Texas.  He has the most ridiculous laugh that I have ever heard in my life (sorry Maria).

Elder Richmond is from Michigan.  I get along with him really well and he is going to BYU when we get home so I imagine that we'll be friends.  His companion is Elder Toomer from Wyoming.  Elder Toomer is always singing Shakira and makes great The Office references.

Elder Taysom is from Arizona.  He is really clever and funny and takes amazing notes from devotionals and other meetings.  His companion is Elder Gardner from Louisiana who literally brought a Duck Dynasty poster with him to hang in his room.

Hermana Wickline is from South Carolina. She is really cool, listens to good music and is going to BYU as well. Her companion is Hermana Abbott from Maryland.  She plays piano and is really funny.

Hermana Dillon is from Idaho and makes some pretty strange faces, haha. Her companion is Hermana Osgood from California who wrote a Star Wars Expanded Universe novel just for fun.

A Latino in the last group taught Elder Gardner the phrase "Vos Papo" which is slang in Honduras for "you're crazy." So, that pretty much became our districts favorite phrase.  We always try to use it in example sentences and our teacher, Hermana Chipena thinks that it is hilarious.
Front Row: Hermana Osgood, Hermana Dillon, Hermana Wickline, Hermana Abbott.  Back row: Elder Taysom, Elder Pincock, Elder Gardner, Elder Grover, Elder Richmond, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Toomer, Elder Randolph, and Elder Couch.

The other day, we were leaving from dinner, and a table of teachers called us over.  One of them told us that President Cardon had heard us saying "Vos Papo"

and was furious because it meant something extremely offensive.  We got really nervous and started to try to explain what we thought it meant (because it was all in Spanish).  She yelled at us for like five minutes before she told us that she was joking.  Hermana Chipena had told her to do that!!!! Hermana Chipena laughed at us for the first 15 minutes of class and still likes to bring it up.  She is such a fun teacher.

All of the teachers are recently returned missionaries so most are mid to late 20s and still remember what it was like to serve really well.

My Spanish is doing really well.  I can feel myself speeding up and I'm starting to work on some more complex aspects like prepositions and things.

I miss everyone a ton but I am having a blast!

 The closer you look, the better it gets.

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