Monday, October 14, 2013

Week Two: The Routine

Okay, so today is weird and they cut my email time into two half-hour segments. So if people could please send me their addresses ASAP, I might be able to write them down in my next chunk and send a letter on Monday. So here is part 1:

So if you want to send me a letter while I am in the MTC, the best way to do so is through "The Pouch" which is a church mail service.  You can just use a US stamp.  Google how to send a letter to missionaries through the pouch and you'll figure it out.  Or if you can't, make sure that you use an international stamp.  Also it takes a couple of weeks, so be patient.

Also, for those who don't know: P-day is Preparation Day.  I get to email, do laundry, get a haircut, exchange money, go to the temple, go shopping, etc. So I email every P-day.  I'll email again on Tue so look forward to that, haha. 

I thought you might want a run-down of my schedule so here you go.

I wake up at 6:30 every morning :(
Then I have to be in a suit and ready by 7 for breakfast
Personal study at 7:45 to read scriptures, plan lessons, etc.  Elder Grover and I decided to try to read the whole Book of Mormon while we are in the MTC and we are already in Alma 9!!!
We have classes with Hermano Granados at 8:30 until 12 which is lunch
Then we have two more hours of study time
At 3 we have an hour of physical activity, in which our entire district (our group of 13 missionaries) plays fútbol with Latinos.  How cool would that be if I just got way good at soccer while I was here?
Then after we shower and stuff, we have classes with Hermana Chipena who is like the funniest coolest teacher in the whole wide mundo!!!
Dinner is at 6 and then we have more classes/ teach fake investigators until 9.
At 9 we plan for the next day.
9:20 we get either fruit or ice cream
And we are supposed to be asleep by 10:30

The schedule is so busy that I hardly get a chance to think but I try to keep a bullet point list of what I want to email about.

Last Tue, we had a Area General Authority from Perú come and speak.  I think that his name was Hermano Colorre? He was phenomenal and talked about how much we sacrificed to be here.  It was really cool because the way he phrased it is that we left our school, friends, family, country, language, food, etc. to follow Christ which is exactly what the disciples did.  It was crazy to think of it like that!

General Conference was awesome of course. We got to watch all of the sessions and it was by far my favorite conference ever! (I'm going to use a lot of Mormon words in my emails so feel free to have Google in your next tab.)

Our district is awesome and I am so glad that I am in the one that I am in.  I'll send pictures of them and write more about them next week.

The Latinos are only here for two weeks so they left Tue morning.  We had two days of emptiness and the cafeteria served pizza and burgers, haha.  This morning, new people arrived so Elder Grover and I have two new roommates.  Two from Utah (their everywhere), one from Argentina, and one from Bolivia.

Anyway, I'm doing great. My Spanish is improving rapidly.  I'm studying a lot and learning how to teach.  Overall, I really like it here.

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