Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week Four: Proselyting

So at the beginning of the week, I was worried that I wouldn't have very many things to talk about because I am sort of starting to fall into a routine in the MTC.  But no problem, I have a lot now.

First of all, I think that the address that you have been sending letters to (assuming that people are writing me, haha) is for the field and that I will get them when I get there which will be in like a week and a half.  So that is fine to send letters to.  Even if you receive a letter from me from Lima, just respond to the Trujillo address.

Also, there is a big meeting of mission presidents on the day that I was supposed to leave the MTC so I will likely be leaving the Saturday before.  (I believe that is the 2nd).  So I will email from the MTC next week but that may be the last one until I am in the field.
These are some of Elder Grover and my absolute favorite people. In order: Elder Grover, Elder Quilcat, Elder Chavez, Elder Gonzalez

On Saturday, all of the missionaries got on a bus and went to North Lima to proselyte.  What an experience.  They tried to match North Americans up with Latino companions so that they would have the slightest clue what was happening.  When I went to see who my companion was it was.....Elder Grover.

We got assigned to Canto Rey which is a slum in North Lima next to a high security prison (sorry, Mom shouldn't have mentioned that). Since we were both North Americans, the 1st counselor in the local bishopric accompanied us.  We had a list of less active members or people who haven't attended church recently and spend 4 and a half hours walking around to check up on them.

First we visited Hermana Rosa and her family.  They were very nice but mumbled terribly and talked around 3 times faster than any person ever needs to.  I understood a little of what was happening when she told us that she has trouble getting to church because of her health.  I was able to share 1 Nephi 3:7 with her and explain that the Lord only gives us commandments that he will help us to keep.  It was a really spiritual experience to be able to communicate with her.

This was our room until this morning, when the Latinos left: Elder Dart, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Grover, Elder Arias, Elder Quispe, Elder Larson. Elder Larson is too big and his muscles scare me.
Next we visited Hermano Jorge Garcia.   He is eighteen and wants to serve a mission but has a lot of family issues.  We taught about the pure love of Christ.  The counselor in the bishopric guided the conversation but Elder Grover and I were able to bear our testimonies, pray, etc and were understood well.

Finally we taught Hermano Vladimir who was extremely friendly and has a dog named Lucifer. (He calls her Lucy.) He served a mission but has trouble making it to church.  We didn't have a lot of time with him but we said a prayer for him and committed him to come to church the next day.

The town was really fun to walk around in.  The people are very friendly and will talk to you even if they don't want to.  I don't think that many people hide or pretend not to be home like they do in the US.  All in all, it was a great experience and only one person slammed a door in our faces.

My Spanish is to the point where I can talk about roughly any topic really slowly and with a dictionary in my hand.  I am getting really excited for Trujillo because all of the teachers and Peruvians say that it is gorgeous.

Family, friends, kith, kin, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite pants.

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