Monday, November 25, 2013

Week Nine: Tales of Julio Gonzalez, Hashtags, and Racism

Hey people who read these,
So Julio Gonzalez is one of our coolest investigators.  We contacted him one of my first days and he said to come back later. That usually means "no" but we always come back to be sure.  When he came back, he invited us in and we had a great lesson. Our net lesson, he had read the pamphlet that we left him. Reading a 10 page pamphlet doesnt seem hard but E Leavitt said that this is only the third person in his whole mission who has actually read it.  We left him a Book of Mormon.  When we came back the third time, he had read the intro, testimonies, and up to 1 Nefi 6. The guy is a champ. When we went to pick him up for church the first time, he was running out of his house buttoning his shirt. We yelled after him, "where are you going?" He turned around and was like, "church..." We waited a moment, stunned. Then we said "...our church?" He was like "yeah...duh." He´s been to church twice and is really great but has some fear to accept a baptism date. Pray for him.

When we meet people that say that they want a lesson, we have a form to put in their names addresses, and notes about them. In the notes section, E Leavitt and I always fill it with hashtags.  We are getting great at hashtagging. Some examples: #pocoapoco, #socksandsandals, #softtalker, #maloshuesos.
Juan Miguel Atoche´s 18th.  Most of his family are members but he isnt

Also, kids here are racist.  Like a weird amount. Its kind of funny and kind of like "where are your parents?" Kids in the street yell things like, "Hello, good afternoon" and then die of laughter.  E Leavitt and I either tell them that we are from Finland and dont speak English or we make fun of them in English and both parties have a good laugh.

Service project: We thought we were going to preach because E Leavitt lost the cell phone and we didnt get the memo so we were in normal clothes.  The service project was scraping three inches of chicken poop of a roof.  I am extremely confident that a decent amount of my lungs are full of chicken poop

Also, I gave a talk in Sacrament last week and then we gave the class in a second hour combined meeting.  My talk was supposed to be 7 mins but I spoke for 15+. Whoops.

Also, I swore that Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. I even convinced E Leavitt to believe me. So now I get two.
I swore that it was Thanksgiving so I was brave and ordered stingray which was way good

Love you all and have a great Thanksgiving if you are reading this from a part of the world where pilgrims came, 

Elder Gonzalez

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