Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week Seven: Investigators

They didn't have a chance to pick up letters or packages last week but I will 100% get them tomorrow. I'm sorry this is so crazy but I'll get the hang of letters soon.

I said that I would tell you about some of the people that we are teaching, so here you go.  These are just a few (We teach from 2:30 to 6 and from 6:30 to 9 everyday.) And remember them because I'll update you.

My chapel 
Michel Sanador: He is twelve and really smart.  He understands everything that we teach him and wants to be baptized but he is a lazy bum and won't come to church. We need to find a way to get him excited about going because other than that, he is a great investigator.

Soledad and Lucia: Single mother and 17 year old daughter respectively.  They are great too. They always give us mangoes and bananas and things because we aren't allowed to accept real food.  They really want to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  They have been reading a lot and last time, we challenged them to really pray and ask if it was true. We are going back tonight, so well see how they progressed.

The Melcado Family: Mauda (mom), Segundo (dad), Abel (son), and Jenny (daughter). When Mauda was 17 she took lessons from the missionaries and wanted to be baptized but her parents wouldn't sign the waiver. Then the missionaries never went back. Right before I got here Elder Leavitt had found her and started teaching her again.  Then we knocked one night and she wasn't home but her husband and kids were and they listened to us.  Segundo is awesome. He is really quiet, asks a lot of questions, and really wants to fully understand. Their schedules are nuts so we have trouble teaching them, but they are a really cool family.
Our room

I don't know what else people want to know so if there is a question that you want me to answer next week, email it to me.

Love you everyone.
Elder Gonzalez

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