Friday, November 8, 2013

Week Five: Last Week in the MTC

Hello everyone,
This will be my last email from the MTC because I am leaving very early on Saturday morning.  I have no clue which day will be my Pday in the field so be patient until you hear from me again.  It may be when I arrive or not until my Pday.  Pretty much every rule in the mission is up to the mission president, so once I meet him, Ill be able to tell you all a lot more.

I leave very early on Saturday morning to take a little plane to Trujillo.  Ill stay a night with the mission president and his wife and then I will get my first area and companion.  There is like a 99 percent chance that my companion will be Latino and speak, on a scale of 1 to 10, absolutely no english at all in the world.

This week, I got to go to downtown Lima to the immigration center to work on my visa.  I have no clue of the state of it, but I am still here so thats all cool.

Im sending several pictures so that you can see because it was way cool.  It was colorful, crowded, way clean, and a ton of fun.

Im a little anxious to be thrown into a place where no one will speak English or be able to help me.  But I feel like the amount of time that I have been here was perfect.  I feel comfortable teaching all of the lessons.  I feel like I know how to teach people instead of lessons.  I feel like I know that Gospel a LOT better than I did before.  (I finished the Book of Mormon this week. Now on to The Libro de Mormon!!!). And I feel like my spanish is to the point that I can talk about whatever I will need to talk about slowly and with help from a companion. 

I grew way more attached to the MTC than I thought that I would. Im a little bummed to leave it.  Its gorgeous, everyone is nice, and the food is good.  But it was cool to feel like I could just settle in and be living in South America like it was no biggie.

I cant wait to tell you all about Trujillo.  Expect a big email next week. I love you all.

Elder George González

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