Monday, May 12, 2014

Week Thirty-Three: Please Don't Go. Please Don't Leave.

Hey everyone!

There's not a ton to tell you all this week. Mish biz as usual. I had a great Mothers Day. I got to meet E Flores family who are a funny bunch of people. Then I got to call my momma. I found the house with the fastest internet and borrowed an HD camera. We had a good little one hour chat that felt like a good little five minute chat. It's just fun to be able to see them.

Me and Elder Florez

E Flores found a lizard on the ground and is keeping it in a shoebox. The word for lizard in Spanish makes me laugh: "lagartija" 

Our lagartija. Question: What do lagartijas eat?

Other than that, no big surprises. I hope I don't get to boring and then everyone will stop reading these and then forget about me. I'll have to think of something for next week.

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