Monday, July 7, 2014

Week Forty-One: Proud To Be An American

Dear America,

You are a pretty great country. I missed you this week. I hope that everything is good over there and that you are still free and stuff. Thanks for Costco and for liberty. Sorry about Miley Cyrus and contamination and other reasons that people complain about you. I still love you America. I think it's cool that we pledge allegiance to our flag. I think that the US dollar bill looks a lot more like real credible money than any other piece of colorful paper that can be printed. I think that it's kind of funny how big and powerful we are and I'm glad to be an American. Most of all, America, I just want you to know that I sang the national anthem really loud in the shower on Friday morning.

Photoshop contest: Whoever sends me the best 4th of July/America themed Photoshop of this photo will receive a hand written letter from Peru. Oooh.

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