Monday, July 14, 2014

Week Forty-Two: In Which I Reference the Cup Song

I'm going to write this first because I have a lot to talk about so I am REALLY sorry if I don't get to respond to some of your personal emails but I'll get there next week.

I. A thank you: Thanks a ton to team #prayforfleming. He was baptized on Saturday. His brother came up from Trujillo to baptize him and even though he and his brother are the only members, his whole family came to support him. He and his brother shared their testimonies and the Spirit was super strong.

E Flores, his brother, his mommy, Fleming, me

II. An anecdote: This Sunday, we had a meeting and so all of the local leaders were stressing over the World Cup. Our branch president leaned over to me and asked me who I wanted to win. I said Argentina because everyone in Latin America wanted Argentina to win. And he said, "I want Germany to win because one of the Apostles is from Germany and the pope is from Argentina." I laughed way louder than I should have due to the reverence of the meeting that we are in.

III. Crazy life changing news: I'm leaving Cartavio. Bum bum bum. E Flores is going to train a new missionary in my place and I am going to...Chau. Chau is a little town in Viru that is where E Flores came from four months ago. I'm going to his old area to be with his old companion that he trained, Elder Walker. ¡Qué locaso!  

That's about half of all of the crazy stuff that has happened this week but my head's not on straight because I'm half packed, and I have to run all over Cartavio to pass out photos with my name and email. But I think that they're going to miss me when I'm gone. They're going to miss me for my hair. They're going to miss me everywhere. They're going to miss me when I'm gone.

Love you all a ton. I added pictures of the current entries for the Elder Gonzalez Loves America Contest. Keep sending them in. Take care.
By Paul and Debbie Gregg

By my mommy

By Karen Gale

Elder Gonzalez

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