Monday, July 28, 2014

Week Forty-Three and Forty-Four: Chao

So last week, I had at ton of stuff to tell you all so I wrote a really long, interesting, funny message. However, when I tried to send didnt. I knew it didnt but I didnt have time to do anything about it. A few months ago, I would have flipped my biscuits but I have been gaining a lot of patience.

Anyway, Chao is dope. It is a small Cartavio-sized town that is almost the exact same distance from Trujillo in a southward direction that Cartavio was in a northward direction. It has a little bit more of a hustle and bustle vibe than Cartavio. It is in a different agricultural buisiness however. Instead of hearing nothing but fábrica, fábrica, fábrica, now I hear nothing but Camposol, Camposol, Camposol. Camposol is a company that grows and harvests produce which means men, women, and teenagers alike all get paid minimum wage to pick avacados, bananas, and asparagus all week.

My pensionista is AWESOME. Her name is Flor and we eat in her restaurant. Thats right 2 restaurants in a row. Her husband, Overt, is the brach president and she has two daughters, Keyla and Maite. I love this family. They are so cool.

I live in a room with 2 companionships of missionaries. We all live in Chao but E McClellan and E Muguerza go to Nuevo Chao everyday while E Walker and I stay in Chao.

E McClellan: He is from Brigham City, Utah. He is actually from my group. When I first got to Cartavio, he got to Chicama (a neighbouring city). We already know each other and we have a lot in common so we get along super well. We are becoming super good friends.

E Muguerza: He is brand new. He started his mission when I got here to Chao. He was raisied in the city of Chimbote which is actually in this mission about an hour from here. He left to Argentina and got baptized there so he sent in his mission papers and they called him back to his home. Its a little hard for him because he is an hour away from his mom who he hasnt seen in years but he is doing well.

E Walker: He is from Springville, Utah. He has 6 weeks less than me in the mission and he is still in his first area. That means that we will probably only be together through August but we are going to work hard.

This is the first time ever that there have been 4 obedient, hard working misisonaries here and President Marler, our branch leaders, and pretty much everyone expects to see a TON of growth here over the next little bit.

Well, I hope that that was long enough to make up for last week.

Fun fact: Right here as Im typing, the internet place is playing, "I Kissed a Girl"

Love you all,
Elder Gonzalez

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