Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Fifty-Three: The Burning of the Suit Coat

So this week was pretty normal. Well not really but nothing surprises me anymore.

The highlights were: 
Burning a suit coat with E McClellan for our one year mark
Last Monday after internet, we went for a sweet hike here in Chao
While the women were in the women's session of General Conference, all of the Priesthood went out to a really good chicken restaurant.
We moved adobe bricks into an adobe house
We went to a meeting for all of the new missionaries that was really fun.

Deforestation is real and we have to do something. #AssembleWashingtonianBrethren  

Super misjudged my time this week. Sorry y'all.

FYI: This Sunday are the elections in Peru so we will be watching General Conference next week. Send me your favorite talk so I can pay more attention, haha.

Peace out,
Elder Gonzalez

Right before it started smoking a horrible black smoke and we had to put it out and evacuate

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