Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Fifty-Four: Elections and Pranks!

So this week was elections week. In case you were wondering: no, they are not anything like elections in the United States. First of all, there are more than two parties, there are about 4 or 5 main ones but even a little guy can get pull based on three things: 1. The amount of free stuff (beer openers, t-shirts, and matchboxes), 2. The number and swag level of their crazy rallies that include a salsa band, and 3. The number of people in giant Ben 10 and Angry Birds costumes that you have in your parades. Also, FYI, you should probably start going hard around February if you want any chance of winning.

On actual voting day, it is mandatory to vote. Like they don't care if you are an informed voter or not but you have to vote or there is a fine. And you have to vote where you drivers license says that you live. And they stopped accepting changes in address about 3 months ago. So if you aren't living where the government thinks that you are, you have to get home. Also, the government randomly selects random table presidents to be in charge of voting which cannot be turned down. Our branch president got picked.

It was a rough week because a lot of the people that we teach traveled home to vote and all of the news that we found were just here to vote.

The best thing that happened this week though was a sweet prank that we pulled. The day before voting, you HAVE to take down all voting propaganda or there is a big fine. We got our hands on a GIANT sign, cut out the dude in it and taped it above E Muguerzas bed while he was sleeping. Around 3 am, the tape gave out and he woke up with a giant man on him. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Other news: I was looking at my family history and I found a line that goes all the way back to Adam. Yeah, that Adam. Not Levine. The father of all living. So that's cool.

Love you all!!!!1
Elder Gonzalez

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