Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week Seventy-One: Dangling from a Cliff

I have been informed that the Seahawks failed to win the Superbowl. Peru is devastated.

It always feels weird to fill you all in on what I did last Pday a week later. This was a cool one though. We had a zone activity and hiked a mountain called "Cerro de la paz." We took a car most of the way up to where there is a weird little Catholic church on the side of a mountain and then climbed to the top from there. It was pretty steep and it is summer here but you can get some sweet pictures up there.

I don't really have any huge news this week but I feel like I might next week (foreshadowing) so you might want to keep posted.

Love you all. Thanks for reading these.

Elder Gonzalez

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