Monday, February 16, 2015

Week Seventy-Three: A Car Crash, Leg Surgery, Facebook, and a Walrus

Hope that Valentine's day treated you all well. I had a pretty great one. Remember when I explained that we were going to bring like 14 couples and then have a massive baptism? Well, that sort of fell through. In the days leading up to it, the majority of the missionaries found that the couples that they were working with got scared, couldn't get a hold of their birth certificate, or just got lazy. (There was also one weird case where the government thought that one of the couples was already married.)

Anyway, the day came and we had a grand total of......1 couple. The good news is that they are ours, hahaha. We have been teaching a family called the Cornejo family. The dad was baptized as a kid and went inactive as a teen. His wife and kids knew nothing of the church. He's come back in the last few months and he married his wife on Valentine's day. His wife and his oldest son are getting baptized on Wednesday. It's a longer story than that including a car crash, a leg surgery, Facebook, and a walrus but I can tell you all that story some other day.

The Cornejo family: Sandy (father), Carmen (mother), Jorge (oldest son), Jeniffer (daughter), César (youngest son).

It's been a great week and next week will likely follow suit.

Elder Gonzalez

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