Monday, February 17, 2014

Week Twenty-One: Guinea Pigs...

Hey everyone,

So this week is crazy-go-nutz picture week!
After last weeks email sesh, we went to a little town called Sausal and climbed a mountain
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It was weird to get exercise and I got to the top really tired and thirsty
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E Leavitt and I like to match on Pdays (we are adorable).
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When we got to the bottom we found a log over a river and decided to take some awkward family pictures as a zone

This awk log pic goes out to Kerrie Heckel

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When I got my mission call, the first thing that my friends and I did was Google "Peru" and one of the first things that we found is that people eat Guinea Pigs. When I got home from preaching Tuesday, Hna. Lijia (she feeds me) had a burlap sack in her hand full of three live guinea pigs
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We played with them for a little
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And then she told us to take them to her mothers house show she could kill and skin them for us.
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It was extremely gruesome.
She ripped all of the fur off by hand
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Then our pensionista cooked them up and gave us each a half of a cuy with papas and arroz de trigo. Each guinea pig here costs 30 soles ($12ish) because guinea pig is a delicacy. I'm not going to lie, it was delicious (sorry anyone who has ever had a pet guinea pig)
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I am having a great time in Cartavio. I have a hard time believing that there could be any better area in the mission. I'm super happy here and fitting right in.
Bretheren, Adeiu
Elder Gonzalez

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