Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week Twenty: Some Tidbits for Your Amusement

Some tidbits for your amusement.

We found out some deets about jello-man. His name is Carlos, he lives in a neighboring town and commutes to work, and he supports a wife and kids soley of his jello business.

I saw Frozen last P-day. It was phenonmenal in Spanish and I only imagine it was great in English.  Who caught that Arrested Development reference?
Do you even lift?

I went to a little town called Ascope to do a service project. Ascope is snuggled up against a mountain.  The service was shoveling dirt from this ladys backyard into 5 gallon buckets, putting them on our back, and climbing up the mountain to drop off the dirt on top.  I learned that I am a human instead of a mountain goat for a reason.
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Me, E Leavitt, and our Peruvian mom, Lijia

On our way to district meeting in a town called Casa Grande (Big House) we saw a building on fire. Who did they call to out it out? The Cartavino fire fighters. Do you all remember that night where I helped that crazy homeless lady who we thought was dying? It was the same fire fighter. His name is Aldo Nunja and he saved Casa Grande from flames. #Cartaviototherescue
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Aldo to the rescue

A guy contacted us this week and asked us to help him build a church. you know what we do?
I love you all and hope everything is great.
Bretheren, adeiu.
Elder Gonzalez

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