Monday, September 15, 2014

Week Fifty-One: The Beach

Line of the week: "Sociology is learning about human relations while not having to have any relations with humans." -Lillian Gonzalez

So Chao is pretty much just the most fun in the world. Living in the same little town with 6 missionaries is WAY fun. Every meal just feels like a little feast. Then we all split up, go out to preach, aquire some crazy stories and meet back up for the next meal to share them. The missionaries who are here right now are literally 6 of the coolest missionaries in the whole mission and I never ever have to worry that they arent working hard.

E Craft and I are still just having a lot of fun. We found a really nice little family a couple of weeks ago that moved here from the jungle. The parents are named Henry and Grimanesa and their kids are Grecia (7), Henry Jr. (4), and a baby who is like 6 months whose name I am blanking on. I think that its like Adrian or something. Anyway, they all came to church this week and last week and a couple of days ago. Henry told us that Monday (today) was his 30th birthday and asked if we could come over since he doesnt have that many friends. E Craft and I invited some people from the branch and were going to buy him a cake and see if we cant just fellowship the daylights out of this punk.

Today for Pday, we are going to the beach. We cant swim so I imagine that well just goof off and get sand everywhere and then we will be cleaning sand out of the shower for the next 3 changes.

Hope that you are all having fun in your new year of school, making new friends, getting along with your teachers, and eating well balanced meals.

Love you,

Elder Gonzalez

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