Monday, September 22, 2014

Week Fifty-Two: In Which a Missionary Quotes Barenaked Ladies (The Band)

Holy cow guys. It's been one year since:
- I've slept in
- I've drank soda from a can
- I've been barefoot on carpet
- I've touched a banjo
- I've seen an Asian
- I've had a glass of milk
- I've swam
- I've gone 24 hours without eating rice
- I've read fiction
- I've seen melted cheese
- I've logged into Facebook
- I've driven a car
- I've had earbuds in my ears
- I've been thrift shopping
- I've been out in the rain
- I've pledged allegiance to a flag
- I've seen a DVR
- I've cooked for myself
- I've missed a day of scripture study

And one week since:

- You looked at me

Five days since:

- The living room

Three days since:

- You smiled at me

And it'll still be two days till we say were sorry.

It's been a pretty fast and crazy year and I'm sure that the next one will be pretty loco as well. I hope that you've all been good this last year and that you have another 365 days of magic and wonder. I love you all a ton.

Elder Gonzalez

PS. Birchmount stadium; home of the robbie

(This is a reference to the song One Week by Barenaked Ladies. I've gotten too many questions not to let you all know, haha)

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