Friday, September 5, 2014

Week Forty-Nine: Hey There, Mr. Egg-Head

Great week.

So I'm training E Craft.

Me and E Craft

He's from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He is 18 and he's a Mormon. Seriously though he is the greatest. We'll be comps at least into November and I'm down. Here's an example of a great E Craft moment: "When I play rock paper scissors, I always choose scissors. Sometimes, it works." The man is a savage. He's excited, bold, funny and the people here already like him. I think that he will be one of my funnest comps in the mission.

My "family history"

Chao got split in 2 and E Meaker came to open it with his new son, E Farnsworth. E Meaker is from Blaine, Washington and E Farnsworth is from Miami, Florida. I cant even tell you guys how great it is to have a Washingtonian around that knows about Taco Time and loves the smell of lavender. And even though E Farnsworth is new, he knows a ton of Spanish. Fun fact: Peruvians don't have the mouth muscles required to say the word "Farnsworth".

E Meaker and E Farnsworth

E Craft is a lucky dog and got to baptize on his very first Saturday of the whole mission (I'm kind of the best dad ever). Her name is Juana and her 8 year old grandson was baptized by E Walker a while ago but she never listened. We started focusing on her and she decided to get baptized. It was awesome.

Juana's baptism

My birthday was great. Aside from the fact that we baptized, there is a tradition in Peru where on your birthday, people throw eggs on your head. My pensionista Flor and her husband, Overt, were nice enough to let me take my tie off but I still could not escape taking about 20 eggs to the head. It was hilarious and gross and took about three showers to get out of my hair. My pensionista is the best.

Flor and Overt and the cake they bought me to make up for egging the heck out of me

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes sent, emailed, and thought. It's been almost a year and it seems like no one forgot about me, haha. Y'all are the best. I'm not a fan of being 20 though. E McClellan has been making a lot of old man jokes.

Eggs are gross

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  1. Elder Gonzalez, you are hilarious. E Farnsworth is my little brother. I love your blog. It was fun to read about my brother in your post and spot him in the background of the egg picture.