Monday, January 12, 2015

Week Sixty-Eight: #milparamarzo

Hey everyone,

This week, my companion and I started a project that we are calling "Mil para Marzo" (One Thousand by March). The goal is to get the stake attendance to break one thousand in the first trimester. Right now, we are at like 880.


We met with the stake president and he set specific goals for each ward. Then we gave the missionaries each a vase with their goal printed on it and some corn seeds. We said that over the next three months, they should make sure that their seed grows and that their ward grows. At the end of March, the companionship with the tallest plant and the companionship with the highest increase in attendance win ties.


To reach the goal, Elder Bernuy and I are doing work visits to help people improve the way that they teach about the Sabbath and the way that they extend the invitation to go to church. We are working on organizing a giant wedding on Valentines day for anyone who is interested and a giant baptism that night. We are having ward and stake level fasts and all kinds of other activities. We will hit the goal.


We saw some results yesterday and plan on seeing even more in the weeks that come.

#milparamarzo Don't forget it.

Elder Gonzalez

p.s. If you want to know why everyone is sunburnt, read "Week 67."

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