Friday, January 2, 2015

Week Sixty-Six: New Companion

Merry belated Christmas everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine. All those activities that I listed off last week were major successes. I had a great time skyping with my family on Christmas Eve and another great time at the mission Christmas talent show. It was, all in all, a really nice and memorable Christmas.
A cool stocking the Madsens sent me

This week, there are two big announcements.

I. Elder Boekweg is leaving. He has 3 months left in his mission and he is going to use them to train a new missionary and open a new area in Trujillo. My new companion is named E Bernuy. He is from Lima and he started his mission at the same time as me. I know him a little bit because he was in my zone in Virú for a little bit. He seems cool. It's his first change as zone leader and this last change was my first change as zone leader so we don't exactly know what we are doing but we are going to figure it out and hopefully bring some fresh ideas to the table. Also, I am now zone leader A. That means that I am now sacrificing my mantle of health guy and taking on the mantle of money guy. (Pray that I don't lose any money, haha).

The plaza de Armas in Trujillo at Christmas

II. In July, our mission is going to split in half. There will be Mission Perú Trujillo North and Mission Perú Trujillo South. The north will include almost all of Trujillo, Otuzco, Huamachuco, Casa Grande and we are taking Guadalupe and Cajamarca from other missions. The south will include a little bit of Trujillo, Virú, Chimbote, Casma, Huarmey, and we are taking Huaraz from another mission. Pres Marler will preside the north and they are calling a new mission president for the south mission (Pres. Rios). This means that I will spend the last little chunk of my mission in one of those two missions. We won't know in which until it happens. It'll just depend on where we are at the time. This is super exciting because it means that we are growing and that the Church is happy with what is happening here.

Me and Bani and Cesi (my converts in Cartavio)

Anyway, those are the two big ole shockers that changed everything that I know and think, haha. But they are both for the greater good so...such is life. I'll tell you all about E Bernuy next week.

Love you all,
Elder Gonzalez

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