Friday, January 2, 2015

Week Sixty-Five: Finishing the Black Hole Year

So internet today is painfully slow. You can kiss these pictures loading goodbye. 

This was a pretty joyous week as we got ready for Christmas. On Friday and Saturday, our mission got dibs on the plaza in the center of Trujillo so that we could do a big ole Christmas show like last year. This year, Elder Boekweg and I decided to perform and we played "Cristo ha recusitado." Elder Boekweg sang and played guitar and I sang and played the harmonica. I think that there is a video on Hermana (Kathy) Marler's facebook page. It was way fun and I got to see all of the missionaries in the whole mission which practically never happens. Even cooler than that was that I got to see Bani and Cesi and their whole family (the two sister that E Flores and I baptized in Cartavio). It was really cool to run into them.

I got back to Chimbote at 12:30 AM Sunday morning and then went to church with a few hours of sleep. Then we spent most of the evening caroling as a ward. That is a thing that Peruvian people are not used to (especially the way that we did it). We had about 13 people wearing Santa hats pile into a tiny pickup truck. Elder Boekweg and I rode in the bed of the truck with the guitar. As we drove through the streets, people were confused. As we got out and sang to investigators, less actives, and recent converts, they were even more confused. Most people really liked it even though one drunk guy through alcohol at us (I dodged it).

Those were just a few of the fun Christmas activities from this last week. We have a lot more coming up.

Today: Watch a Christmas movie as a zone

Tuesday: Ward Christmas Talent Show with Panetón (google it) and hot cocoa

Wednesday: A zone Christmas breakfast, Talking to my family for an hour on Skype, and maybe dinner at a members house if there is time.

Thursday: A Christmas devotional with President Marler followed by a Christmas talent show.

I'm sure that I'll be having a ton of fun these next few days as we finish of my "black hole year" of 2014 (The year where I spend all of it in Perú).

I hope that each one of you has a great Christmas,
Elder Gonzalez

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