Monday, March 9, 2015

Week Seventy-Five: Families We're Teaching

Hey everyone,

There's not a lot of big news this week. E Bernuy and I have just been working hard and trying to help a few of the families that we are working with. A few of them are:

The Luján family: A really friendly family where the parents (Genaro and Blanca) are already married and have a great relationship even though Genaro sometimes travels for work (he´s a fisherman). They have like 6 kids but the ones who live at home are Eric (16) and Genaro Jr. (6). They love the church and are making a ton of friends. The dad always says he most sincere prayers in the whole world and always gives us a soda at the end of every lesson. They came to the Cornejo family´s baptism and Blanca came to church on Sunday.

Jacky: Jacky is a really nice lady who we met in the street. She has two daughters (Angely and Mia) who are 7 and 1. Each daughter has a different father and she has gone though a lot of difficulties with the most recent one. Since we gave her a Book of Mormon, she has been reading it. We visited her with a member this week and the two clicked a whole lot. The member said that she is going to go to her house today and do some crafts and just talk for a while. The Gospel is going to help her a ton.

The Villena family: A family who was listening to the missionaries about 5 years ago. The dad (Jorge) has 3 college degrees and is one of the the smartest people who I have ever met. The mom (Enma) works in a small mountain town and a education evaluator but she comes home every two weeks or so for a couple of days. They have two sons (Junior and Diego). Junior is really involved in his church and Diego is just a goober and is always in the street with his friends. 6 months ago, Jorge decided that he was going to find out which church was true. He reads everything that he can get his hands on, attends like 6 churches a week and fasts several times a week. The dude just wants to know and he LOVES that we are able to answer his questions.

So those are a few of the people that I am teaching. Prayers are always appreciated.

Love you all,
Elder González

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