Monday, March 9, 2015

Week Seventy-Six: Where I Admit That My Sister is My Favorite...And Also That She Names the Posts

This week had to be one of the fastest of my whole life. We had concilio in Trujillo on Wednesday which for those in Chimbote is an all-day event due to the travel. It was a stellar concilio. We were reminded that "the field is white already to harvest" (D&C 4:4) and not brown already to sow. This is a time to work hard and to see miracles.

We also did two work visits (switch places with a different missionary for a day) in the zone this week and I got to preach in other areas of Chimbote and help a couple of missionaries in the zone. It was really fun and it made the week pass by incredibly fast.

This week is going to be another hectic one.  We have tons of meetings, and training, and activities, and great lessons planned (including a family home evening where the whole ward is going to go to an investigators house and we are going to make pancakes).

Also, a happy birthday shout-out to my sister Lillian. She is the one who fixes my grammar, puts in the apostrophes that I still can't find on this keyboard, runs the blog, updates my Facebook, and generally makes sure that you all don't forget about me, haha. She's the best sister ever and I know how much she likes clowns so we threw her a little party here in Chimbote.

Love you all (especially Lillian),
Elder González

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