Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week Seventy-Nine: Responsibility and Diligence

Well, I literally almost forgot to write this. Awkward.

My companion and I had another week full of responsibility and diligence. We had a lot of ambitious goals and even though we can't always achieve them all, we are seeing miracles.

The temple dedication is less than three months away. I could not be more excited.  President George Q Cannon once said, "Every temple lessens the power of Satan on the Earth." This is definitely true but I feel like Satan is taking one last strike on the people of Trujillo. A lot of member and non-member families are passing through all kinds of problems that are sometimes really discouraging. On one hand, sometimes it can be frustrating but it also testifies that something real and good is about to happen.

I love this mission. This week a group of missionaries went home (including Elder Leavitt and Elder Boekweg) and a new group came. This has to be one of the most blessed missions in the world. I am witnessing historical moments in the church's progress in Perú.

I love you all,
Elder González

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