Monday, January 6, 2014

Week Fourteen: Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas back in the United States of America.  It was weird that it was hot here. It was and will be the sweatiest Christmas of my life.  There wasnt much of a build up to Christmas without the sweaters, snow, Christmas music, or parties so it kind of snuck up out of nowhere. The 23rd was a P-day and we watched The Polar Express in Spanish to get in the Christmas spirit. Im sure that it was difficult to find a Mexican guy who sounded like Tom Hanks but they did a good job.

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner as an entire zone of 16 missionaries which was a ton of fun.  We had turkey, potatoes, hot cocoa, fruit cake, etc.  That night, after skyping E Leavitts family, the Elders from the neighbouring city of Chicama came over to spend the night.  Lets just say that we ate a lot of sugar and had a lot of fun.

On Christmas day, we preached as normal and had a really successful day.  We taught five lessons including a really nice inactive lady named Esmelda.  Then in the evening, I got to skype my parents.  There is a really cool member in our area that has an iPad so I actually had a really good connection and got to talk to my family for an hour.  That was by far the highlight of the Christmas festivities.

Our Christmas Eve dinner as Zona Casa Grande or as we like to call it: ZONA BIG HOUSE

I also wanted to talk a little about one of my investigators. His name is Cristhian Portales-Atoche.  I talked
about him and his family a little bit a few weeks ago but I wanted to explain a little better.

Cristhian is fourteen.  His aunt and uncle are members and one day, he just showed up to church.  We actually didnt notice him and it wasnt until he showed up at church the next week that we decided, "Hey, we should probably teach this guy." We started teaching him and a little later his whole family.  Since then, hes attended church seven times as well as every weekly activity in the church. Hes a better member of the church than most people who are actually members of the church.

Our Christmas Eve sleepover. That is E Pecho and E Leavitt doing a little Christmas-snuggling

This Saturday, his family wasnt home so E Leavitt and I taught just him.  He told us that he had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and that he knows that it is true.  We set a baptism date for this Saturday and got really excited.

We came back the next day (yesterday) to get a permission slip signed (he needs one because he is under 18).  Only him and his mom were there.  She told us that she talked with Cristhian and that "he" decided that "he" wanted to wait until "he" knew a little more. It was extremely obvious that she was the one who wasnt sure.  We tried really hard to explain to her that Cristhian had done his part and had recieved his answer from Heavenly Father and that the next step for him was baptism. She really just has no faith in him because he failed a year of school. Because of that she really just doesnt have any trust in her son.  We tried so hard. We bore our testimony so many times but she still thinks that he should wait.

Prayers would be appreciated for Cristhian.

I hope you all had great Christmases, Channakuhs, and weeks in general. I love you all,

Elder Gonzalez

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