Monday, January 6, 2014

Week Twelve: Letters, English Homework, and the Virgen de la Puerta

Listen up kith and kin,

Here's how letter sending is going to have to work. I LOVE getting letters and I get them between 2 weeks and 2 months. I get them delivered to me through the leadership hierarchy. I live no where near a post office and I'll have the chance to send a response very infrequently. Feel free to send me letters, but at the end of the letter, put your email, so I can respond.

As missionaries, we always offer service. "Hay algo que nosotros podemos hacer para ustedes?" is one of our most common phrases.  Since both my companion and I are from the states, a lot of times, we get asked to help kids with their English homework. Their textbooks aren't real books. It's like a person typed up the assignments on a word document and printed them out and stapled them together. Also, the writer of the book likely has never actually spoken English with a native speaker. An example of a question: "Look at the pictures and sing according to the write according to the following:" We get so frustrated because we are fluent and we dont even know how to help.

Also, a lot of people here worship the saints. The biggest one is called Virgen de la Puerta.  Her ceremony was yesterday.  There was a giant parade going through Cartavio with people in feathered head-dresses, chanting and carrying a big statue.  E Leavitt and I kept trying to find all the people we to and telling them to stop breaking the 2nd of the 10 commandments.

Cartavio is a ton of fun. Tomorrow is the first "change" where some people switch companions and areas but since I'm in my training, nothing happens.  6 weeks from now is another and E Leavitt will probably go somewhere else.

Love you all a ton. Have a great Christmas season.

Elder Gonzalez

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