Monday, January 27, 2014

Week Eighteen: Ch-ch-changes

Yesterday was, as David Bowie would say, Ch-ch-changes.

For those who dont know what changes are, here we go.

So my mission is the Mission Peru Trujillo, but I can be moved around to different little cities or areas for a pretty big sized chunk of Peru. For example, if I were called to the Seattle, WA mission, I could be in Redmond for 6 months and then be moved to Normandy Park for a while. Every six weeks, there is the possibility to change. On Changes-Sunday, all of the missionaries sit in their rooms and the changes make there way down the chain of command. If there is a change, you have your Pday on Monday to say good-bye and you leave Tuesday morning.

A normal amount of time to stay in an area is around 6 months. Elder Leavitt has been in Cartavio for 9 months. On a scale of 1 to really sure that he was leaving, we were EXTREMELY sure that he was leaving. We both spoke in church, we took out appointments to go and say goodbye to people, and we started making bets on who my new companion would be here.

We have to be in the room at 5:30. We waited.
At 7, we ate dinner. Then, we waited.
At 10, we turned the lights off and lied in bed and waited
at 10:30, after five hours of pacing and freaking out, we got the call and......he's staying.

He really wants to see more of the mission but he loves Cartavio. So we have another 6 weeks together to baptize this whole pueblo. We need new conversation topics though. I know everything about that ginger.

Also, this means that I will be here at least until March but most likely until May-ish. So Im going to settle in and get comfy.

Also, so that you all know, Cartavio is rooting for the Seahawks. Or at least the only two people in Cartavio who care are.

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Gonzalez

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