Monday, January 20, 2014

Week Seventeen: Advice for Liars

I promised something different so here you go:

As a missionary, you get lied to. Thats all there is to it. People lie. I wish they wouldnt because I know that my message can really help them but it is funny how bad at lying some people are. I thought that I could help you know how to lie better. Here are a few tips and examples of how NOT to lie:

1. Listen first. Make sure that you understand what they are asking.  That way you can lie better.

Heres an example of what not to do:

"Hey we talked to your daughter and sh-"
"She´s not home"
"And she said that y-"
"Shes not home"
"She said that YOU might be interested in our message"

We later found out that she was home.

2. If you want a lie told right, do it yourself. A lot of people here send their small children to the door to lie for them.

"Hey is your mom home?"
"No, she left"
"Can you ask her when shell be home"
"Yeah one second shes in the back room"

3. Make sure that your lie is strong enough to deter the person.

"Can we share our message with you?"
"Im really busy washing my clothes"
"Can we help you wash your clothes?"
"Im almost done"
"Then can we share our message with you?"
"But...Im clothes."

Long story short, I get lied to a lot. And I am getting a lot better and figuring out when a person is lying. So, dont even try to lie to me when I get home. Because Ill catch you. >:(

 Big bug. E Leavitt said, "Those things are more fun when they are huge, blue, can talk, and are a little bit fruity."

Love you all and miss you all a ton.  Im praying for you all.

Elder Gonzalez

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